Evidence of the healing power of the mind

Mind over Matter?

I am including this fascinating article on the power of the mind over illness, as I feel it may be helpful to understanding the healing process. It is written by Andreas Moritz who discusses various research results on the mind body connection and included some of his own personal experiences.

The late Andreas Moritz was an author of many books including The Gall Bladder and Liver Miracle cleanse. He described himself as a medical intuitive, a practitioner of Ayurvedia, Iridiology, Shiatsu, and Vibrational medicine, a writer and an artist.
He specialises in detecting the root causes of disease and how to address them without harmful side-effects. Here he discusses the evidence behind the fact that feelings and the mind play an important part in not only how you feel, but also can affect your choices whether you live or choose to die.
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From the bed of a long term fatigue sufferer this may seem preposterous! I know there is no way we can will ourselves to a full recovery.  Even so, I suggest you glance over this research, showing how we react to pain and outcomes  depending on factors such as support, what we are told by the professionals and what we actually believe.

The existence of a connection between body and mind is becoming increasingly apparent due to breakthrough discoveries in mind/body medicine. The mind and body seem to be inseparable. Psychosomatic illnesses, and patterns of diseases in people who have been in stressful situations are very common today. It seems to me, that most M.E / CFS illnesses start with life trauma or similar severe levels of stress.

This article is a long one. I have no wish to attempt to transcribe the variable and knowledgeable contents for fear of losing any of the meaning. 

 Click here: Andreas Moritz - The healing power of the mind